Travelers Immunization Center

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Healthy Traveler's are Happy Travelers

Personalized Services

The Healthy Holiday Traveler

You’ve invested a great deal of time and money preparing for your vacation experience. Therefore, it’s vital arm yourself with preventative measures against the health risks that you may face at your destination.

Holiday Travelers

The Healthy Business Traveler

In the fast-paced corporate world, you may not get much notice before you have to jet off to a remote locale. We specialize in last minute trips and work within your tight time-frame to ensure you will be covered.

Business Travelers

The Healthy Adventure Traveler

“The Off the Beaten path” traveler generally has no set itinerary and may be traveling for several weeks or months across several continents. Adventure travel may involve hiking up Mount Everest or India.

Adventure Travelers

Special Groups & Mission Work

We have worked with several Church and Mission groups to protect those who are helping others in need world-wide. We offer discount packages for such groups.

Special Groups